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Bali Island or also known as the island’s extraordinary beauty charm also cultural richness that is very thick attached to its population. No wonder that Bali is very famous in the world, and a lot of foreign tourists who visit it. To almost every tourist attraction in Bali is always filled with foreign tourists. Many local tourists also very interested in the beauty of this island. 

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Bali Discovery Experience is the best way to see and experience the best of Bali. We can prepare a planned driving tour of Bali or we can take you where ever you wish. We will make your tour the best experience of the culture and beauty of Bali. 

BALI is an Indonesian island located between Java and Lombok. The beautiful island is rich in culture and activities which are suitable for young and old. The main tourist locations are focused at the southern part of island, mainly the town of Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur and Ubud. If you are looking for somewhere to relax your mind and rest the soul, here it is! A sneak peek to few of the many scenic places to visit!

Shopping in Bali is a great experience. With over hundreds of shops selling from silver ornaments to clothes and paintings and many more, the Ubud Art Market is definitely a must-visit. One thing to note -- be sure to hone your bargining skills!

Bali is rich in culture and has sophisticated art forms such as handicrafts, wood carvings, Balinese dances and many more. There are more than 20,000 temples (or puras) on the island, with the majority of Balinese's beliefs in Hinduism.

Imagine, lying on the beach, sipping fresh coconut juice.. hear the waves, feel the think this is the best it can get? NO! At Jimbaran beach, you will be able to tuck your feet in the sand, enjoy a seafood spread.. and be mesmerised by the setting sun! Of cause, this comes with a price!



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